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 Major Commands to be Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Major Commands to be Admin   Sat 10 Apr - 10:41:36

<|UTS|>InstaG! wrote:
seedless wrote:
Did you give server admin to MaC members?

No, But Infi did.. u was playing when i was [X]-Files joking and Camping with mac.Brut
Sorry for kill u and Camp..
But I need to know if he was Admin.. Now i change the pw.

See u man.

Heh, I don't mind campers. It was funny.

However, you need to talk to infiniti about not giving the password out to anyone including his clan members. It's not his place to. I saw brutality log in to admin in the server and was surprised.

Secondly, I'll take you up on the offer of being the uTs server admin. Please email/PM me the credentials. Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Major Commands to be Admin   Sun 11 Apr - 3:35:21

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Major Commands to be Admin
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